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Many tips for improving the life of anyone with autism/Asperger’s or ASD are given on this site.  Many more are found in the newsletters (so feel free to get those now!)

However, without a doubt, my personal experience is that choosing the right diet and dietary supplements is an essential component to living with ASD.  I believe having an experienced health coach is important for going to the next level in improving the quality of life with autism.

I have lived with a loved one with Aspergers.  I have the experiences of countless remedies and programs and spent–literally–tens of thousands of dollars figuring out what works and what doesn’t work.  Based on this experience, I have worked with professionals and created a Natural Support Program based on the most effective dietary products and tools available.

The specific health challenges that come with ASD must be taken into consideration when looking at dietary choices and selecting nutritional products for improving the quality of life with ASD.

A health coach to guide you through the process

The effectiveness and potency of the wild and organically grown whole food supplements that I recommend are very high in terms of providing the body with nutrients it needs to detoxify and normalize.  Detoxification is especially important for those who have ASD (read more about this in our letter series).  With ASD, it is important to first remove then help the body recover from the toxins that helped to contribute to the symptoms associated with ASD.

Therefore, many people using our whole food supplements at first will experience some level of cleansing or detoxification.

Detoxification symptoms range from non-existent to varying symptoms of discomfort.  Throughout this process, you need a coach.   The cleansing process can last  one month to several months. Having someone to email or talk to during this time helps ease much of the anxiety.  As your coach, I can also help guide you towards a better diet and with the environmental modifications that help support healthy brain function.
I would like to be your coach in this process.  I don’t charge anything for consulting and working with you through your journey. You can email your questions to me and I’ll be there to guide you all the way to success.

Personalized Recommendations based on your health history

Because our whole food supplements are potent, it is not recommended that you start with all the supplements at once. You need to build  up, starting with mild supplements and slowly moving to stronger ones in terms of their effectiveness to cleanse your body and then support immune health and brain function.

This is why it is important for you to share with me your health background first. I need to find out if you’ve taken antibiotics or other drugs; how long you’ve been on them; what your diet is; and some specifics about your home environment.

You can fill out the short health questionnaire on this site now, if you are interested in getting started on the ASD Natural Support program.

Once I learn about your health background, then I can recommend how to start you on our whole food supplement program.
If you’ve had or use certain drugs, and depending on the current diet and health status, I may want to  start you on a very gentle intestinal strengthening program with the supplements and diet to build up your immune system and health in general. If you have not had any drugs and are in general healthy condition, then  we can start an accelerated supplement program.

I need to learn about your health level first, before I recommend a specific health program customized for you.

Steps to get started on your ASD Support Program

  • Contact Me Now or you can call me at 541-261-9061, if you are ready to get started, or have specific questions.  NOTE: This phone will not accept overseas calls.  Please email me and I can be in contact online or via Skype.
  • OR, fill out the Free Assessment on this site and send it to me. COMING SOON
  • I will email you back with my input on your specific situation along with specific and personalized recommendations of which whole food products to start on, as well as an analysis of any other simple changes you can make to enhance your environment for living with ASD.  I will include a website address and an 800 number you can use to place your product order by Internet or via telephone.
  • Once you receive your supplements, you will email me.  I will want to start my coaching relationship immediately, so as to guide you towards the best results and be there for any questions or concerns that may arise during the process.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to read and become more educated about living with the ASD Natural Support program.

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