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Welcome to Asperger’s Natural Help

This website is dedicated to my son Lauris—who has Asperger’s Syndrome.

This website is dedicated to  helping those who may be on the autistic spectrum.  

Asperger’s Syndrome is one form of high functioning autism, and includes a constellation of symptoms.  Because a formal diagnosis can be difficult, more information about autism is found on the Signs & Symptoms page.

However, because you found this site, you may already know some of those symptoms…and thought that getting a diagnosis for your child was a relief…until you realized the long journey to also discovering what can help.

This site is filled with the tips and techniques I have personally found to offer positive differences for those with autism.

In particular, I have found a powerful dietary and supplement program which has, by far and away, given Lauris the most benefits of any therapy we have tried over the last 25 years.

 It was clear, from a very young age, that my son was not like other children. He did not seem to respond much to other people, or even me, like I knew was ‘normal’. He was obviously intelligent—he walked at a very early age, loved to work puzzles, and clearly could understand what I would say to him.

But—there were so many oddities he displayed. He hated most clothing.
Nothing could be even close to fitting his body or he would rip it off—beginning at 9 months old.

He never could relate easily to other children. He was often fearful and withdrawn when anyone outside of family came over—or, he would decide he loved some adult, and would follow them anywhere. He saved every scrap of paper he could find–candy wrappers, cellophane, you name it—at one time, I did a real cleaning in his room and wound up throwing away 3-30 gallon bags of papers he had stashed everywhere!

He obsessed over band aids. We had to hide the first aid kit, but no matter what, he was decorated with at least one band aid—often several—his entire childhood.

School was a nightmare for him. He would hide under the tables, and
freeze like a robot if spoken to in public. He wanted to do what the
other kids did—play with them—but he simply could not. He was
very tall for his age, and was bullied unmercifully. Teachers did not like him because he would not speak to them except in a whisper, and
in private. They were so frustrated.  After 2 years of first grade, and
one year of second, he still could not reliably remember and read a
3 letter word.

I put him in a private school, where at 8, he began to do algebraic level math—but he still could not read, could not relate to his peers. As he grew older, he knew he was different, but he could not explain or even begin to understand why he could not just talk and laugh and be a part of a group. He truly suffered, and so did I, for him.  He was lonely and wanted to fit in–but felt uncontrollable stress in social situations, often standing alone, rigid and unable to talk to others.

When he entered 5th grade, he asked to go back into public school. The private school was very small and he was the oldest child there; he really wanted to see if he could find a friend. He went into an IEP (Individual Education Program), and so passed 5th grade—barely, with all D’s and with much agony over homework.

I was scared to have him move up into 6th grade. He would have 6 teachers instead of one, 6 rooms, no recess and a school twice as large as the elementary school. I knew that the misery, fear and pain he would encounter as he tried to cope could ruin his life.

It was at this time when I began to personally change my diet.  I found a health model and a line of products that I loved. I told Lauris he could try them if he wanted, but that I would not be bugging him or making him take anything.  I figured he had enough stress just trying to remember his new school schedule and all the changes it brought to his world.

I did not realize that he began to use my supplements until I looked in the cupboard one day and the bottles were all empty. I thought, hmm, he is sure eating a lot of products!

Then I also realized that he was no longer spending several hours doing homework each night—and I wondered if the new products were helping him. But I really thought he had just given up doing homework at all.  At this point, I was exhausted of trying to help him and all the arguments that brought, so I just did not ask.

Surprise does not even BEGIN to cover what I felt when I got his first progress report—and he had ALL A’s AND B’s!! I asked him what he was doing and he replied, “Mom, these pills really make my brain work better and I don’t ever want to go without them.”

At this point, I began to hope…and really believe that those supplements that had helped me were dramatically changing his life.

Lauris is now 31.  He still has Asperger’s and he always will. He still has a very difficult time finding friends. He still does not know how to ‘read’ body language.  He still has to work to fit in. YET—he lives on his own; he attended college successfully; he has created a life that is fulfilling. He has a life outside of, and in spite of, his disability.

Lauris’ Story: His Wordslauris3

My name is Lauris M. Swanson I have been diagnosed with a type of autism, which I’ve had all my life. Which is where my story begins. I have been taking a product best known as algae for the past 20 years. Since I have been taking this product I’ve noticed a big improvement in the way I learn and am able to communicate.

Before I started this product I was unable to read, I wasn’t able to communicate the way I wanted to, my grades were very poor and I had difficult time in general.  I also found myself to be very depressed not just physically, but also emotionally and it was a constant battle every night with my mom having to help with my homework. That is when my mom (Barbara Swanson) introduced me to these superfood products.

Since I’ve started taking this program I not only found it easier to communicate, but I also saw a huge improvement in my grades and in my mental and physically well being as well. Now, I won’t lie to you. At first I was skeptical of this health program, but through my grades and my own personal study of how I was when I was not on the products, I found myself doing worse and slipping back into my depression which was very horrifying to me.

But now that I know what this whole superfood has done for me I can’t imagine a single day without it. If it were not for these products I don’t believe I would be able to write this out now. If it weren’t for this product I might be overweight, uneducated, in a mental institution or worse, dead, because I thought would never be able to cope.